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How to become part of the GUP

The easiest step in your life!

To create a Global UnitPay wallet, upload the necessary documents to your personal account on the website

Account opening

Documents that will be required:

  • Passport with your photo and details/ID number/driver's license.
  • Driving licenses can only be verified by customers from the following countries: Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

To verify your address, please provide one of the following documents:

  • Utility bill (water, electricity, gas);
  • Utility bill documents, which contain proof of residential address, name and surname. The address and validity of the document must be no older than 2 months;
  • Certificate of residence.

Do you want to work only with digital assets?

With a simplified verification system, you can work with digital assets up to CHF 1.000

Business account registration

  • Step 1. Registration of an individual who has access to the company
  • Step 2. Verification of an individual
  • Step 3. Deposit 100 euro, filing an application for company registration
  • Step 4. Upload all documents for the company, directors, beneficiaries.

Important: all documents must be in English!

To pass verification, you must provide the required documents. Please note that all data in the documents provided must be filled in Latin. Make sure all four corners are clearly visible when scanning (copy, photo) the document. The document must be of good quality, easy to read, and all data must be clear. Such documents must contain the client's name, address and be no older than 2 months at the time of submission of the documents.

For proof of identity, provide a passport containing your photo and details in English. Only customers from the following countries can be verified with a driver's license: Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Please provide one of the following documents to verify your address:

  • utility bill (water, electricity, gas);
  • official document on wages from the employer;
  • insurance statement;
  • tax document;
  • certificate of residence.

Please don't worry about this. After successfully verifying your documents that you submitted for verification, all your incorrect personal information in your profile will be changed in accordance with the identity document that you submitted for verification.

Please use the detailed instructions on how to top up an account in the Global Unit Pay payment system in various ways:

  • through a bank in Europe (SEPA Transfer)
  • via bank card (Visa/Mastercard)
  • regular bank transfer (Bank Transfer)
  • digital assets top up (Trading Desk)

Please note that all documents related to verification must be submitted in a specially designated section of your account in the Global Unit Pay payment system. You cannot send documents for verification neither via the support service nor by e-mail.

If your account in the Global Unit Pay payment system is not verified, contact support and ask to deactivate your account. After completely deleting your information, you will be able to register with the correct email address.

Keep in mind: if you have already passed verification using the mail you want to change, then you will not need to deactivate your account. Our specialists will change the email address in the already verified account.

Please note that it may take 36-48 hours to process your support request.

Having an ID card (identity card) in your country is not enough to have an international bank account number (IBAN) - you need a passport for this. If your country does not have passports, then you need to issue an international passport.

Please note the following:

When registering, use the most complex password with a length of at least 8 characters, which includes Latin letters (at least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase), numbers and symbols (example of characters: +=&^%$#@!).

Unfortunately, persons under the age of 18 cannot register with the Global Unit Pay payment system. Only clients aged 18 and over are eligible to register in the system and undergo full verification.

Please see here:


You can use your account for your minor child, as a guardian or parent.

A criminal record clearing form is the legal removal and deletion of a personal criminal record from the National Criminal Register.

To correct your profile data, contact our support team by email and ask to reset your profile form so that you can fill in the correct information.

Please contact our support team. Provide the technicians with your User ID and payment confirmation. Specialists will be able to track your payment and find out at what stage the top up is.

It usually takes 72 working hours to verify documents. But, due to the large volume of documents submitted for verification, this process may take longer.

We ask you to be patient, the specialists of the verification department do their best to complete the verification of all documents as soon as possible. Verification takes place on a first come, first served basis. The result will be emailed to you.

Please contact support, specialists will help you change your contact number. Please note that your question will be answered within 72 business hours.

Your account will become active when the verification process of all your documents is complete. The verification result will be sent to you by e-mail.


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